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So we have this fire exit/staff entrance in our work area that requires a card to open it w/out triggering the alarm. Since we first moved into this building a year ago, we've had constant problems with people forgetting/not caring and setting it off. We also have regular contractors that have not been given access, so they either ask us to let them out, or they go ahead and set it off (usually the latter). The alarm goes off at least every half hour, Monday–Friday. Yes, it sucks.

This morning we had our usually daily dosage crammed into a 25-minute session, as though folks were driving off the death of silence or something. Anyway, one of the librarians sent a complaint email to our CIO (aka, the boss of us all), because we've learned that if enough complaints go to him, problems are more likely to get resolved.

Remember that I said our CIO is the boss of us all, as in, he's the Information/Data equivallent to a provost, which would imply he's got important, boss-like things to attend to and wouldn't have time to personally come down and address a disgruntled underling? Remember? About 5 minutes after the librarian came by my desk to tell me about her email, I hear a voice floating across the tops of our cubicle walls from none other than our CIO. Our CIO who lives on the 3rd floor (we're ground-level). Our CIO who came down to explain to this librarian that some A/V folk are doing some special work and are causing the higher traffic. All very detailed and mannerly. I had to go to the bathroom, so I didn't stick around to hear his explanation, but I left surprised that that's what he spends his day doing. Then I remembered that this is guy who personally goes through all the online study room reservations, deletes ones that violate the rules, and send lengthy explanations as to why said reservation was deleted, so I guess I'm not that surprised.

Man, I want that six-figure salary job.